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bug#14191: 24.3.50; (buffer-list) returns list with non-current buffer a

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#14191: 24.3.50; (buffer-list) returns list with non-current buffer as its firstelement
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2013 09:10:59 +0200

> But `record-window-buffer' is apparently quite a bit more than just
> (select-window (selected-window)).

More and less, I think.

> Should `record-window-buffer' be used in its place at this occurrence?  If 
> should another function be defined to do only (select-window 
> - essentially an alias to better communicate the intention?
> You're the expert here, not I.  My feeling is just that using (select-window
> (selected-window)) to take advantage of a less-than-obvious side effect is
> obfuscating, not clever or wise.
> Without an informative alias for this action, the code really needs to be
> commented to indicate the unobvious intention/effect, at the least.  But is
> probably better to have a function name & doc string communicate this than 
> comments and bug reports.

As Andreas already remarked, the behavior of Emacs in this regard was
never clearly documented.  Unfortunately, I don't know more about its
"unobvious intention/effect" than you.


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