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bug#14068: [PATCH] Officially support DragonFly BSD

From: John Marino
Subject: bug#14068: [PATCH] Officially support DragonFly BSD
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2013 09:59:47 +0200
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On 4/18/2013 07:46, Glenn Morris wrote:
John Marino wrote:

The previously submitted patch was for release 24.3.
The patch to add DragonFly support to version is much

+     case "${canonical}" in
+       i[3456]86-*-dragonfly*)     machine=intel386 ;;
+       amd64-*-dragonfly*|x86_64-*-dragonfly*) machine=amdx86-64 ;;
+     esac

machine is no longer used, so these lines are unnecessary.

Okay, good to know!

-   freebsd) LIBS_SYSTEM="-lutil" ;;
+   freebsd|netbsd|openbsd|dragonfly) LIBS_SYSTEM="-lutil" ;;

Why are you adding netbsd and openbsd as well?

It was likely left over from years. The submitted patch came from pkgsrc and freebsd ports. It is appropriate to only add DragonFly (as you have done) and let representatives from the other BSDs speak for themselves.

Apart from that, it seems fine to me.
It's probably just small enough not to need a copyright assignment; but
for the ChangeLog, can you tell me who the author is?

I think it's reasonable to call me (John Marino) the primary author. I basically had to create it from scratch -- most of this information was in those "S" files and had to be moved to the configure script, so it's basically new.

Revised patch against current trunk:

With a quick glance, it looks good to me.


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