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bug#14233: 24.3; Don't constrain frame size to character multiples

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#14233: 24.3; Don't constrain frame size to character multiples
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2013 11:26:10 +0200

>> With emacs -Q try
>> (set-frame-parameter (selected-frame) 'internal-border-width 12)
> But that just proves that I was right:

There was nothing to prove.  You're always right ;-)

> a tool bar is just another
> window, so its size should be included in the frame's text height.
> What am I missing?  What is exactly that we are disagreeing about
> here?

OK.  But if the criterion to count something in the text height is that
of being "just another window", we shouldn't include the display margins
in the text width.

> Which part of "width of FRAME, measured in
> characters" is unclear?

A frame, according to the Elisp manual, is a screen object that contains
one or more Emacs windows.  When with emacs -Q I evaluate (frame-width)
and (window-width) I get the values 80.  If I split the window into two
side-by-side windows (frame-width) still evaluates to 80, but for both
emanating windows (window-width) evaluates to 38.  Somehow 4 characters
got lost in a black hole.  And bug#14222 demonstrates that Emacs itself
sometimes doesn't understand its own nomenclature.

> XEmacs has an entirely different display engine, developed
> independently and with somewhat different goals.

Yet it's the most accurate description of an Emacs frame I could find.


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