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bug#14233: 24.3; Don't constrain frame size to character multiples

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#14233: 24.3; Don't constrain frame size to character multiples
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2013 08:39:39 +0200

>>  > We do have macros like FRAME_MENUBAR_HEIGHT and FRAME_TOOLBAR_HEIGHT
>>  > that can be used.  It is better to have that calculation in one place,
>>  > rather than in each port, so this might be a good time to move it.
>> If someone wants and knows how to do this cleanly, please go for it.
> Can you explain what macros/functions would you like to have, exactly,
> to be able to do this job cleanly?  Maybe FRAME_MENUBAR_HEIGHT
> etc. are not what you need, but perhaps there are other means to get
> the information cleanly.

A function that would tell me in a platform independent way the pixel
offset of the frame's root window from the top edge of the frame's
"client rectangle" (sorry for the Windows parlance).

I can calculate the remaining pixel edges of the frame's root window by
subtracting the frame's interior pixel width around it.  The minibuffer
window has either what frame-char-height tells me or gets me its pixel
height exactly when called by resize_mini_window.  So the upper part is
the only missing one (modulo the fringe/scrollbar tribulations mentioned


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