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bug#14250: 23.1; Files locked by myself

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: bug#14250: 23.1; Files locked by myself
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2013 15:16:57 -0400
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Andreas Schwab wrote:

> What does (file-locked-p (buffer-file-name)) return when you are inside
> a modified buffer visiting a file?

We can't help you unless you provide more information.

Some other questions:

Does this issue happen with _every_ file, or just some?
Eg does it happen with:

rm -f /tmp/FOO
touch /tmp/FOO
emacs -Q /tmp/FOO


> ...v001/pageNetConfig.xml locked by elrodd <at> elrodd... (pid 32296):

What kind of file system does this file live on? What does

df /path/to/pageNetConfig.xml


Before you start Emacs, what does

ls -l /path/to/directory/pageNetConfig.xml
ls -ld /path/to/directory/.*

print for the directory containing pageNetConfig.xml?

What does it print after you open the file in Emacs and make a change,
before you save?

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