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bug#13223: patch to fix this bug

From: Tim Daly Jr.
Subject: bug#13223: patch to fix this bug
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2013 18:35:59 -0700

On Apr 28, 2013, at 11:45 PM, Juri Linkov wrote:

>>      * comint.el (comint-history-isearch-in-progress): new variable
>>      that lets us detect that an isearch is running over command
>>      history
> I wonder why you didn't use the existing variable `isearch-mode'
> to detect that an isearch is running?  There should be no problem
> using `isearch-mode' as you can see in the patch below.
> Additionally it will display only the current history item where
> isearch actually matches, i.e. to display just one "History item"
> message per one M-r isearch match.  This is necessary to inform the user
> about the current history index as the commands `M-p' (comint-previous-input)
> and `M-n' (comint-next-input) already do:

quite right, your patch looks much better. :)


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