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bug#14339: 24.3.50; [patch] ff-find-other-file doesn't understand Object

From: Ivan Andrus
Subject: bug#14339: 24.3.50; [patch] ff-find-other-file doesn't understand Objective-C
Date: Thu, 2 May 2013 22:29:30 -0600

Below is a simple patch to support Objective-C files (.m extension) for
ff-find-other-file and a sample ChangeLog entry.  There are Obj-C files
in the Emacs distribution and I think this would be useful to several

I have copyright assignment papers on file.


2013-05-  Ivan Andrus  <address@hidden>

        * lisp/find-file.el (cc-other-file-alist): Add .m extension for
      Objective-C files.

=== modified file 'lisp/find-file.el'
*** lisp/find-file.el   2013-01-01 09:11:05 +0000
--- lisp/find-file.el   2013-05-03 04:17:58 +0000
*************** the preceding slash.  The star represent
*** 245,251 ****
      ("\\.hh\\'"  (".cc" ".C"))

      ("\\.c\\'"   (".h"))
!     ("\\.h\\'"   (".c" ".cc" ".C" ".CC" ".cxx" ".cpp"))

      ("\\.C\\'"   (".H"  ".hh" ".h"))
      ("\\.H\\'"   (".C"  ".CC"))
--- 245,252 ----
      ("\\.hh\\'"  (".cc" ".C"))

      ("\\.c\\'"   (".h"))
!     ("\\.m\\'"   (".h"))
!     ("\\.h\\'"   (".c" ".cc" ".C" ".CC" ".cxx" ".cpp" ".m"))

      ("\\.C\\'"   (".H"  ".hh" ".h"))
      ("\\.H\\'"   (".C"  ".CC"))

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