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bug#14326: 24.3; Conflict of w32-send-sys-command and set-default-font

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#14326: 24.3; Conflict of w32-send-sys-command and set-default-font
Date: Fri, 03 May 2013 09:28:54 +0200

> I was trying to explain why that comment might be of only historical
> interest, since it describes code that we don't use.

The code is used on X.

>> That's what I thought.  Hopefully `set-default-font`' at least resets
>> the maximized frame parameter.
> I don't think it does.  And I'm not sure it should.

You mean that `frame-parameters' should be allowed to report a frame as
maximized even after it was explicitly demaximized?

>>  > Not sure what x_set_window_size has to do with all this.
>> That's the routine we're talking about here
> I understand, but I don't see how it is related to set-default-font.

It may eventually get called by it.

>> When I fit the size of a frame to that of its buffer, I ideally would do
>> this in one `modify-frame-parameters' call to set the size of the new
>> frame.  But if this call shrinks the frame, both the menubar and the
>> toolbar may wrap and my calculations get ignored.
> Do we really want to allow resizing that causes this wrap, when what
> the user wants is to fit frame size to buffer?

I don't know whether we know the minimum width of the current toolbar so
as to not fit a frame to less than that but I suppose we could get it.
However, we can't get the minimum width of the menubar so as to not make
a frame narrower than it.  The Windows API simply does not provide it
and I wouldn't know how to approximate it.


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