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bug#14338: 24.3.50; ELPA package ack fails to install

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: bug#14338: 24.3.50; ELPA package ack fails to install
Date: Fri, 03 May 2013 12:01:23 -0400
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Leo Liu wrote:

> What should be done here to get it in sync?

Maybe use a version that is not zero padded.
Is 1.01 supposed to be the same as 1.1, or not?

> BTW, increment the version number is an annoyance. I wonder if people
> feel the same way too?

I have no opinion. The motivation is in packages/README:

    This cron job only creates a new package when the "version" (as
    specified in the foo-pkg.el or in the "Version:" header) of a
    package is modified. This means that you can safely work on the next
    version here without worrying about the unstable code making it to
    GNU ELPA, and simply update the "version" when you want to release
    the new code.

Seems sensible. Surely there needs to be some way to prevent every
change going live immediately?

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