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bug#14344: 24.3.50; incorrect doc for `eval-defun-2'

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#14344: 24.3.50; incorrect doc for `eval-defun-2'
Date: Mon, 6 May 2013 13:45:28 -0700

> >> > The doc says, "With argument, insert value in current
> >> > buffer after the defun."  What arg?  There is no arg.
> >>
> >> Feel free to commit a fix, thank you,
> >
> > Someone who understands it can please feel free to commit a fix.
> I have no more understanding than you, but I committed your fix now
> because Kelly Dean in his report for bug#12985 asked to fix the
> same docstring.  Please commit your fixes by yourself next time.

1. If you fixed the bug I reported, thank you.

2. However, I see nothing in the patch you included in the bug #12985 thread
that concerns this bug (#14344): nothing concerning the doc string of
`eval-defun-2'.  Perhaps there was more to your fix than what is shown in the
#12985 bug thread (FWIW, bug #12985 is not merged with #14344).

3. I did NOT provide any fix for bug #14344 (or bug #12985), so what you say in
that regard makes no sense.  You did not commit my fix.  Presumably you
committed your fix.

3. I do not commit bug fixes.  I sometimes file bugs that I come across, and I
sometimes provide suggested fixes for bugs that are reported.

4. AFAICT, in his report for bug #12985 Kelly Dean did NOT ask to fix the same
doc string.  Bug #14344 is about the doc string of `eval-defun-2'.  That
function and its doc string are not even mentioned in bug #12985.

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