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bug#14384: mh-e non-standard names for defcustom etc

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: bug#14384: mh-e non-standard names for defcustom etc
Date: Fri, 10 May 2013 21:49:38 -0400
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Package: emacs
Version: 24.3

emacs -Q
M-x customize-group RET mh TAB [no match]

Ie, none of the mh customization groups are visible to the customize interface.
This is because you use non-standard macros defgroup-mh, defcustom-mh etc.
Because of this, custom-make-dependencies fails to add any mh-e entries
to cus-load.el.

We can paper over this in the Emacs lisp/Makefile by simply
loading mh-e/mh-e when running custom-make-dependencies.

It would be simpler if mh-e used standard macros though.
Are the -mh versions still needed?
"This macro is used by Emacs versions that lack the :package-version
keyword, introduced in Emacs 22."
Do you still want to support people taking the latest mh-e and running
it on Emacs older than 22.1 (released 2007)?

I see this came up before.

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