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bug#14402: Imenu does not work any more on trunk

From: Angelo Graziosi
Subject: bug#14402: Imenu does not work any more on trunk
Date: Wed, 15 May 2013 00:35:42 +0200
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Il 15/05/2013 0.06, Glenn Morris ha scritto:

(Please keep the debbugs address cc'd.)

Angelo Graziosi wrote:

now I am seeing another issue and don't know if related to this fix.

In short, F90 mode seems to have lost the completion linked to "end".

More precisely,

$ emacs -Q &

C-x C-f foo.f90 RET

program foo

it should complete in "end program foo" instead it stays to "end".
"end" is only indented,

This is all breakage from r112519.
Specifically, f90-looking-at-program-block-end is broken (and who knows
what else).
I don't feel like sorting through all this to figure it out.

Just a curiosity... :) who did this?

f90-mode is practically unusable from point of view of completion...

In any case, thank for your time.


Oops... should we open a bug report?

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