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bug#14458: 24.3; specman-mode_v1.22.el not compatible with emacs 24.x

From: Frederic Pouyet
Subject: bug#14458: 24.3; specman-mode_v1.22.el not compatible with emacs 24.x
Date: Fri, 24 May 2013 09:33:40 +0200

Hello Emacs support team.


I am working for an EDA company called Cadence that license a software called specman. Its associated language is called "e".

Until emacs 24.x, we were able to have syntax highlighting thanks to  specman-mode.el (latest version is v1.22 see below) available on website http://specman-mode.com which is no longer maintained.


Although it does not crash or give an error, the specman-mode.el does not work functionally: it does not perform

highlighting syntax any longer. This was working on emacs versions prior  to 24.x.


Please advise,


I attach specman-mode.el version 1.22

Best regards,







Frederic Pouyet   |   Principal Application engineer. System Design and Verification

P: 46.856612318   M: 46.730605655   www.cadence.com





Attachment: specman-modev122.el
Description: specman-modev122.el

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