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bug#14487: [Wish] Should ask before customizing send-mail-function

From: Andrey Paramonov
Subject: bug#14487: [Wish] Should ask before customizing send-mail-function
Date: Tue, 28 May 2013 11:57:08 +0400
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Hello Emacs developers!

When sending e-mail message for the first time, Emacs 24 asks for send method to be used. This is very handy, as in previous versions Emacs would use system mail transport, which is often not configured. Emacs 24 now says:

Emacs is about to send an email message, but it has not been
 configured for sending email.  To tell Emacs how to send email:

 - Type `mail client' to start your default email client and
   pass it the message text.

 - Type `transport' to invoke the system's mail transport agent
   (the `e:/acd/utils/sendmail.exe' program).

 - Type `smtp' to send mail directly to an "outgoing mail" server.
   (Emacs may prompt you for SMTP settings).

I selected `mail client', but unfortunately my mail client GMail reported:

Message too long.

(or something like that). It means I cannot use my mail client to send mail reliably, and I'd like to revert my choice. But now it's not clear how to do that because message-mode wouldn't ask me again.

So I propose:

1) sendmail-query-once should use your choice to send message this time.
2) After message is sent, sendmail-query-once should ask user whether she wishes to save the choice.

Best wishes,
Andrey Paramonov

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