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bug#14931: 24.3; marking extensions with dired-x

From: Dieter Wilhelm, H.
Subject: bug#14931: 24.3; marking extensions with dired-x
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2013 19:07:33 +0200

2013/7/24 Glenn Morris <address@hidden>:
> "Dieter Wilhelm, H." wrote:
>>> Sorry, I did only consider the interactive approach with 'C-* .'!
>> I meant '* .' not 'C-* .' of course...
> (Why can't you just call it twice?)

I did this first but instinctively guessed that there must be another
way of selecting multiple extensions.  Then I misread the
documentation in my sense concluding that it should be possible to do
this also interactively and therefore assumed a bug.

With my half-baked but working solution I got then too carried away,
thank you for your explanations and please close this "bug" report.

>>> Since I think this is more relevant/frequent to the dired usage as the
>>> purely programatical one. Idealy one would combine both! :-)
> In that case, you are asking for a new feature. Up to now, the only

You're right, this would be a new feature and I don't want to burden
somebody to implement this only minor improvement in all its
Maybe I'll improve my change at one stage in the future and'll submit it again.

Thank you for your patience


> documentation (besides a comment in the source) of this "takes a list"
> option is in the dired-x manual, which says:
>     When called from Lisp, EXTENSION may also be a list of extensions
>>> With my diff a simple sequence in the mini-buffer like 'png jpg' is
>>> working, though not with the original code...
> Firstly, note the documentation says:
>   A `.' is *not* automatically prepended to the string entered.
> Secondly, what if someone wants to mark extensions with spaces, eg files
> named "*.my extension"?

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