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bug#15043: 24.3; ange-ftp-run-real-handler not defined in v24.3

From: Joshua Kordani
Subject: bug#15043: 24.3; ange-ftp-run-real-handler not defined in v24.3
Date: Wed, 07 Aug 2013 12:53:44 -0400
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On 8/7/13 12:45 PM, Glenn Morris wrote:
How is this "suggested", and how is it a problem?
>From the Tramp manual:

     This is not a native TRAMP method.  Instead, it forwards all
     requests to Ange-FTP.
because when I attempt to open a file using the ftp protocol, tramp loads, and the ssh handler throws an error about bad hostname ftp, instead of being passed to ange-ftp.  this is also the case when I start emacs -Q -l ange-ftp.

however, ange-ftp is reachable via emacs with no args, and even though I can't seem to get the functionality I want, I don't think this problem is worth your time any longer.  Thanks for the quick response though.
Joshua Kordani
LSA Autonomy

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