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bug#15084: 24.3.50; browse-url-generic hangs

From: Thierry Volpiatto
Subject: bug#15084: 24.3.50; browse-url-generic hangs
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2013 12:24:49 +0200
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Peter <address@hidden> writes:

> When I set 'browse-url-browser-function' to 'browse-url-generic', 
> browse-url does not work anymore. Instead it only shows the text:
> "Waiting for process to die...done"
> I think it is 'call-process' which does not work.
> Actually, this is the code I use:
> (setq browse-url-generic-program "firefox"
>       browse-url-browser-function 'browse-url-generic)

Is it working after evaling this?

(defvar browse-url-never-use-xdg-open t)
(defadvice browse-url-can-use-xdg-open (around no-xdg-open activate)
  (unless browse-url-never-use-xdg-open

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