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bug#15166: 24.3.50; Isearch for an octal code

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: bug#15166: 24.3.50; Isearch for an octal code
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2013 18:58:45 +0300
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> It seems that everything is already clear regarding your two patches,
> no?  (they are both fine).
> So, how about committing them?

I committed the patch that fixes the bug reported by you.
Thanks for the bug report.

But I left unchanged the comment about `C-q SPC' for the
chance if someone will have inclination to make it work in
non-regexp mode somehow, because internally they both use regexps.
You can see the internal regexp matching by typing too many spaces
in non-regexp mode, and Isearch will report the error
"Regular expression too big".

This error message is confusing in non-regexp Isearch.
So I propose another patch to make the error message
more suitable to whitespace-matching non-regexp mode.
And since regexp-based word-search mode reports the same
confusing error message when there are too many words
in the search string, it should be fixed as well:

=== modified file 'lisp/isearch.el'
--- lisp/isearch.el     2013-08-08 23:59:14 +0000
+++ lisp/isearch.el     2013-08-27 15:58:01 +0000
@@ -2773,10 +2777,18 @@ (defun isearch-search ()
      (setq isearch-error (car (cdr lossage)))
-     (if (string-match
-         "\\`Premature \\|\\`Unmatched \\|\\`Invalid "
-         isearch-error)
-        (setq isearch-error "incomplete input")))
+     (cond
+      ((string-match
+       "\\`Premature \\|\\`Unmatched \\|\\`Invalid "
+       isearch-error)
+       (setq isearch-error "incomplete input"))
+      ((and (not isearch-regexp)
+           (string-match "\\`Regular expression too big" isearch-error))
+       (cond
+       (isearch-word
+        (setq isearch-error "Too many words"))
+       ((and isearch-lax-whitespace search-whitespace-regexp)
+        (setq isearch-error "Too many spaces for whitespace matching"))))))
      (setq isearch-success nil)

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