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From: Ryan
Subject: bug#3984:
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2013 01:06:03 -0700
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Ok, I'll work on debugging my test case tomorrow.

On Wed Sep 18 20:38:48 2013, Stefan Monnier wrote:
advice.  This is what "advice--called-interactively-skip" does.  (Although
reading through it I don't see where the bug is that prevents it recognizing
the before advice in my example.)

Exactly.  I think we need to fix this problem.  It really should work.

If all advised functions are wrapped by a call to the above function

All functions advised with a non-:around advice have such
a "recognizable wrapper"; and that's indeed what
advice--called-interactively-skip checks in

           (and (eq (nth 1 frame2) 'apply)
                  (funcall get-next-frame)
                  (advice--p (indirect-function (nth 1 frame2)))))

IOW the nadvice.el machinery is itself the recognizable wrapper.
Not sure why this fails in your test case, tho.

For :around advices, the machinery does not provide a recognizable
wrapper, so we might want to add an ad-hoc wrapper like you suggest for
those cases, tho maybe we can avoid the cost of such a wrapper, by
keeping the so-advised inner-functions in a hash-table (so we can still
recognize them, even tho they're not tagged directly in the backtrace).

So, I think the first thing is to figure out why your test case fails.


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