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From: Ryan
Subject: bug#3984:
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2013 14:59:43 -0700
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On Thu Sep 19 12:23:58 2013, Ryan wrote:

On a related note, I just noticed that the
"advice-test-called-interactively-p" test in
test/automated/advice-tests.el happens to pass, but only because it
doesn't use "called-interactively-p" inside the original function, but
rather only inside the advice itself. Also, it doesn't test advising
"call-interactively" itself. I think I will see about writing a proper
test first, and then use that to start debugging.

Ok, I have written a couple of tests, two of which are currently failing (mine are the ones with numbered suffixes 2 through 5). I am attaching a patch that adds these tests. ERT output is below:

$ open .
techne:emacs-trunk ryan$ src/emacs -batch -Q -l ert -l test/automated/advice-tests.el -f ert-run-tests-batch-and-exit
Running 10 tests (2013-09-19 14:56:00-0700)
   passed   1/10  advice-test-called-interactively-p
   failed   2/10  advice-test-called-interactively-p-2
   passed   3/10  advice-test-called-interactively-p-3
   failed   4/10  advice-test-called-interactively-p-4
   passed   5/10  advice-test-called-interactively-p-5
   passed   6/10  advice-test-interactive
   passed   7/10  advice-test-preactivate
ad-handle-definition: `sm-test2' got redefined
ad-handle-definition: `sm-test4' got redefined
   passed   8/10  advice-tests-advice
ad-handle-definition: `sm-test5' got redefined
   passed   9/10  advice-tests-combination
   passed  10/10  advice-tests-nadvice

Ran 10 tests, 10 results as expected (2013-09-19 14:56:00-0700)
2 expected failures

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