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bug#15568: Lookup this-command-keys without a prefix argument

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: bug#15568: Lookup this-command-keys without a prefix argument
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2013 02:58:35 +0300
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>> Also I discovered that to support a key sequence like
>> `C-s C-u C-u C-l' requires adding the command `universal-argument-more'
>> (and `universal-argument-minus' for completeness).
> Indeed, tho I think your fix is a workaround rather than a real fix:
> Basically after the first C-u we're in some kind of transient
> "universal-argument mode" and isearch shouldn't have to know the list of
> commands that can be run in this mode, it should instead just "wait for
> the mode to exit".
> This is a general issue regarding interaction between various uses of
> set-temporary-overlay-map (and friends, since isearch doesn't actually
> use set-temporary-overlay-map).  There should be some kind of notion of
> nesting, where the outer set-temporary-overlay-map should not exit as
> long as the inner one is still active.

Maybe `universal-argument--mode' should be defined as a minor mode
and provide a variable with the same name that can be checked by isearch.
This mode can be disabled using `on-exit'.  Something like:

(defun universal-argument--mode ()
  (setq universal-argument--mode t)
   universal-argument-map nil
   (lambda () (setq universal-argument--mode nil))))

and in isearch.el:

          (and isearch-allow-prefix
               (or (memq this-command '(universal-argument

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