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bug#15790: Including php-mode

From: Jambunathan K
Subject: bug#15790: Including php-mode
Date: Mon, 04 Nov 2013 12:54:25 +0530
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Andreas Röhler <address@hidden> writes:

> It's about the legal stipulations people from all over the world are
> asked to sign: asked to abide to US-courts and the like.

You have been very consistent in your posts.  Most of the regulars in
the list are familiar with your arguments.  You neither add more
information nor weight to what you already say.

Why don't your build your own Emacs and re-distribute it in a way that
is compliant to license terms but take in patches without any
assignments.  If it becomes a category killer, I will abandon GNU Emacs
and switch to you Andreas Emacs.  I will be the first convert and it is
a promise I make.


FSF will continue to insist on Assigment for Emacs.  It is their
prerogative - I know your English is not that good, but I don't find a
better word to make my point - to do what they want with the product
that they have built with resources that they control (donated or


If someone - in this case FSF - has invested long time and resources to
build something, it is only to be expected that they have strong support
structure around it so that their intent and investment is served.

Anyways, you should really stop making such posts any further.

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