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bug#15814: 24.3.50; Signal error on malformed bindings in `cl-symbol-mac

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#15814: 24.3.50; Signal error on malformed bindings in `cl-symbol-macrolet' (patch)
Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2013 21:08:39 -0500
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> What's the alternative?  Transform malformed let in some undefined way?

Yup.  Just like we've done so far.

> very least, the behavior when compiled/evaluated should be the same as
> when interpreted, i.e. an error.

For incorrect syntax, it's perfectly OK to misbehave differently in the
two cases.  Especially, the interpreted case without going through eager
macroexpansion (i.e. through macroexpand-all) is largely irrelevant.

> But more generally, what's wrong with signalling the error at compile
> time?

I explained that already: the first error stops everything, so you only
get one error report even when there are several errors.

>> When loading an interpreted file, we go through macroexp--expand-all as
>> well (not not through cconv.el nor through bytecomp.el).
> It doesn't look like evaluation via M-: has to go through
> macroexp--expand-all.

No, because M-: is not "loading an interpreted file".
But sooner or later M-: will also go through macroexpand-all.


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