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bug#15725: 24.3; Using C-x C-c to close Emacs running in windowed mode o

From: Dani Moncayo
Subject: bug#15725: 24.3; Using C-x C-c to close Emacs running in windowed mode on Windows can leave window blank and unresponsive
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2013 17:06:07 +0100

>> Sometimes, when closing an instance of Emacs that is running in windowed
>> mode using C-x C-c, Emacs will not properly exit. Instead, the contents
>> of the window will disappear, including the minibuffer, status bar, and
>> shortcut icons at the top. The background color will remain, but no
>> keyboard shortcuts will have any effect, and the application menu,
>> i.e. "File, Edit, Options" etc. will become unresponsive. Each menu item
>> will still be highlighted when the mouse hovers over it, but clicking
>> the menu item produces no effect. In this state, the window cannot be
>> closed either through C-x C-c or by clicking the red "x" button in the
>> top right-hand corner, and must be closed via Task Manager or taskkill.
> Please see if this isn't bug #14333, by providing information
> regarding the threads of the stuck Emacs and their backtraces.  The
> information about how to produce this info is in the discussions of
> that bug report.

For the record: I still get hung sessions from time to time when
trying to close the application (I've just got one of them).  I
already sent the backtrace, but I'd provide more info if needed.

Dani Moncayo

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