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bug#15899: 24.3.50; regression: `region' overlay is lower priority than

From: Jarek Czekalski
Subject: bug#15899: 24.3.50; regression: `region' overlay is lower priority than default
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2013 15:43:40 +0100
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W dniu 2013-11-16 11:42, Eli Zaretskii pisze:
Every freedom must have its limits. "Your freedom to swing fists ends where my nose begins." (Yes, I know I'm lecturing, but so did you.)

Sorry if you didn't like my tone. I tried to make a general point and justify it well. On the other hand, I don't mind lecturing like yours, if that's what we call lecturing here.

So I think we should turn the table and ask why would a user need to
have this freedom now, and only give that freedom if the cause
justifies it.

Good point. I would do it just for the sake of flexibility, which Emacs should be proud of. We may not predict in what way people will want to user overlays. And some of them may be silently disappointed if flexibility of overlays is not sufficient. They even won't complain about it, so we may never hear such a request. But if flexibility is achieved, there may be silent happy users. That's a benefit.

Introducing a new feature needs considering pros and cons. Personally I don't see enough cons. Dmitri's answer presents ways to deal with potential problems. Good documentation would be the most important weapon. Something like: "It is strongly suggested not to specify a priority higher than ..., because it will cause problems with displaying selection boundaries."

An example of such need just came to my mind. A temporary overlay which highlights for a second the words spoken by a user through a microphone.

So if I were to decide, I would say: freedom and flexibility!

Sorry again for lecturing. And being pathetic too :)


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