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bug#13594: Planning Emacs-24.4

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#13594: Planning Emacs-24.4
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2013 15:53:27 -0500
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>> So, it's getting time for Emacs-24.4.
>> I'd like to freeze the code before the end of this year (I'm thinking of
>> mid-december).
>> If you have some code you'd like to see included in Emacs-24.4, then
>> please install it "now", and if it's not ready yet, then tell me, so we
>> can see how to accommodate it.
> I hope http://debbugs.gnu.org/13594 get fixed this time.

IIRC, the way to fix this is:
- document a parameter that can be passed via ACTION which basically
  declares "the caller is prepared to handle a non-window return value
  if display-buffer decides that the buffer should not be displayed".
- document that if this new parameter is set, the display-buffer-alist
  rules can simply return t if they want the buffer to not be displayed.
- change compile.el to pass this new parameter and then to handle
  a t return value of display-buffer.

Can you take care of that?  The first two are just documentation
changes, and the third is basically the patch you originally submitted
in that bug-report, except that outwin will be t rather than nil (tho
I recommend to just test whether it's `windowp').


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