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bug#15933: make check not working

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: bug#15933: make check not working
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2013 13:49:53 -0500
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Andy Moreton wrote:

> Running 'make check' does not work correctly for me with bzr r115157 on
> Windows with mingw and and out of tree build directory:
> --[make check]------------------------------------------------------
> Compiling ../../../test/automated/package-x-test.el
> In toplevel form:
> ../../../test/automated/package-x-test.el:38:30:Error: Cannot open load file: 
> no such file or directory, package-test
> make[2]: *** [../../../test/automated/package-x-test.elc] Error 1
> --[make check]------------------------------------------------------

It works fine for me on GNU/Linux.
I see nothing mingw specific in the changes you suggest, so it is not
obvious to me what is going on.
Perhaps -L :foo is not working correctly on mingw?

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