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bug#15997: 24.3.50; Emacs crash

From: Sebastien Vauban
Subject: bug#15997: 24.3.50; Emacs crash
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2013 15:59:35 +0100
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/24.3.50 (windows-nt)

Eli Zaretskii wrote:
>> From: "Sebastien Vauban" <address@hidden>
>> Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2013 14:38:03 +0100
>> When opening an innocent Org file (from Dired, by pressing RET on the file
>> name), I just got an Emacs crash.
> If this is reproducible from "emacs -Q", please send that file.
> Otherwise, there's not much to go by here, sorry.  (It died while
> trying to display some image.)

It's not reproducible as I could open that file in the next Emacs session.

For some reason, I've add like 2 or 3 crashes over the last week with rev
114715 of 2013-10-19 (I'm still blocked by the perf problem with the newest
revs, and have little time answering you on that). It's weird because I had no
Emacs crash for a very long time now...

Close the bug, then.

Best regards,

Sebastien Vauban

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