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bug#16909: 24.3; scrolling *Completions* window with tab sometimes choos

From: Lukasz Pawelczyk
Subject: bug#16909: 24.3; scrolling *Completions* window with tab sometimes chooses a wrong window
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2014 13:11:24 +0100

On Saturday, March 1, 2014, martin rudalics <address@hidden> wrote:
> I just posted this setq line as a workaround. And why does it break? Because if you set it then C-M-v will always try to scroll *Completions* and not regular other-window buffer which is useful sometimes (e.g. while using help, an approach mentioned even in tutorial).

So it seems there are two ways to tackle this problem:

(1) Kill the *Completions* buffer when we're done so it won't be
    inadvertently displayed by `other-window-for-scrolling'.

How is this supposed to work?
The problem is _during_ the Completions buffer is shown, when we're hitting Tab, not when we're done. Besides its window is usually closed automatically. Killing the buffer won't make the scroll-other-window work the usuall way.
(2) Bind `other-window-scroll-buffer' temporarily only as long as the
    *Completions* buffer is shown.

This would work I imagine. But don't do this in general when the Completions buffer is shown, but only when we use autocomplete functionality with Tab _and_ the buffer is shown.



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