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bug#16999: calc crashes when computation limit is increased

From: Jay Belanger
Subject: bug#16999: calc crashes when computation limit is increased
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2014 17:44:15 -0500
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> M-x calc
> 2n
> 0
> kc
> I.e. try to calculate the binomial coefficient of (-2 0).

This causes Calc to enter an infinite loop.  It needs to be fixed, but
the problem has been around for a while so it probably needs to wait
until after the release.

> Computation got stuck or ran too long.  Type `M' to increase the limit
> So do
> M
> kc
> and repeat a couple of times.
> Once `max-lisp-eval-depth' hits 64000 emacs crashes.

This seems to be an Emacs problem, rather than a problem specific to Calc.
Typing M doubles the sizes of `max-lisp-eval-depth' and
`max-specpdl-size'.  Having  `max-lisp-eval-depth' equal to 64000 by
itself doesn't seem to cause problems, but having `max-lisp-eval-depth'
equal to 64000 and `max-specpdl-size' equal to 83200 does cause Emacs to
crash on an infinite loop; evaluating:

  (setq max-specpdl-size 83200
        max-lisp-eval-depth 64000)

  (defun f ()


will crash Emacs.

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