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bug#14010: 24.3; builtin libraries that should specify the package

From: Jonas Bernoulli
Subject: bug#14010: 24.3; builtin libraries that should specify the package
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2014 13:44:16 +0100
User-agent: mu4e; emacs

>> However grep, cpp and compile still do not appear there.
> I don't understand this report.
> emacs-24.3 -Q -l finder-inf
> (assq 'python package--builtins)
>   -> (python . [(0 24 2) nil "Python's flying circus support for Emacs"])
> ...
> And the same in current trunk.

Either I am deeply confused about something, or these entries somehow
make it onto that list on you machine but not on mine.  I have just
tried again with the current trunk and there are no entries for these

  (assq 'python package--builtins) -> nil
  (assq 'grep package--builtins) -> nil
  (assq 'cpp package--builtins) -> nil
  (assq 'compile package--builtins) -> nil

I made sure package--builtins had been initialized:

  package--builtins -> ((5x5 . [nil nil "simple little puzzle game"]) ...)

I then made sure I had loaded the correct version of finder-inf.el.
That's what I am using:


Then I opened that file and looked for the entries:

  M-x find-file RET /usr/local/share/emacs/24.3.50/lisp/finder-inf.el RET
  M-x occur RET \_<\(python\|grep\|cpp\|compile\)\_> RET
    => Searched 1 buffer; no matches for `\_<\(python\|grep\|cpp\|compile\)\_>'
  M-x occur RET \(python\|grep\|cpp\|compile\) RET
    3 matches for "\(python\|grep\|cpp\|compile\)" in buffer: finder-inf.el
         88:  (disass . [nil nil "disassembler for compiled Emacs Lisp code"])
        453:      #s(hash-table size 487 test eq rehash-size 1.5 
rehash-threshold 0.8 data (abbrev (skeleton pcomplete emacs icomplete 
hippie-exp expand edmacro dabbrev completion autoarg) convenience (emacs calc 
erc keypad cua-base table picture makeinfo flyspell diff-mode compare-w winner 
windmove vcursor tmm ruler-mode repeat pcomplete minibuf-eldef mb-depth linum 
kmacro json imenu ido ibuffer hippie-exp frameset follow filesets filecache 
ffap ebuff-menu desktop delsel dabbrev completion chistory calculator bs 
autorevert autoinsert align) languages (xscheme vhdl-mode verilog-mode 
vera-mode tcl sql simula sh-script scheme ruby-mode ps-mode perl-mode pascal 
opascal octave modula2 mixal-mode meta-mode m4-mode ld-script js idlwave icon 
fortran flymake f90 executable dcl-mode cwarn cperl-mode cfengine cc-mode 
cc-guess cap-words bat-mode autoconf asm-mode antlr-mode ada-mode smie emacs 
erc sgml-mode tempo skeleton paren info-look allout align) lisp (xscheme scheme 
inf-lisp hideshow inversion cedet unsafep trace testcover tabulated-list smie 
shadow re-builder pp emacs macroexp ewoc ert elp elint eieio eieio-core edebug 
debug checkdoc check-declare benchmark strokes profiler isearchb color 
cmuscheme align) outlines (hideshow hideif org reveal outline foldout 
elide-head allout allout-widgets) wp (ebnf2ps handwrite underline two-column 
tildify emacs table sgml-mode refill picture page-ext nroff-mode ispell 
enriched org whitespace ps-print printing allout) pgp (gnus epg epa emacs 
allout) gnupg (gnus epg epa emacs allout) comm (zeroconf webjump tramp tls 
telnet socks soap-client secrets rlogin rcirc net-utils ldap gnutls eudc dns 
dig dbus ange-ftp sql bindat url erc sgml-mode dns-mode talk shadowfile 
notifications master kermit ansi-color) processes (tramp sql inf-lisp idlwave 
bindat url erc eshell term shell server proced pcomplete emacs emacs-lock 
dirtrack cmuscheme ansi-color) terminals (tramp xt-mouse vt-control ansi-color) 
services (ansi-color) help (emacs woman novice man makesum informat info 
info-look icomplete help-at-pt finder ehelp) files (url po compare-w wdired 
view emacs shadowfile recentf locate ffap doc-view arc-mode) archives 
(arc-mode) msdog (arc-mode) editing (hideshow dcl-mode arc-mode) major-mode 
(dcl-mode arc-mode) extensions (gnus tq tabulated-list rx ring regi regexp-opt 
emacs ewoc eldoc cl cl-lib benchmark avl-tree calc cookie1 type-break 
tree-widget thingatpt tempo strokes skeleton ido emacs-lock electric ehelp 
array) emulations (emacs ws-mode viper vip vi tpu-edt edt cua-base crisp 
hl-line delsel autoarg) mouse (goto-addr browse-url artist xt-mouse emacs 
thingatpt t-mouse strokes msb mouse-drag mouse-copy ffap avoid) hardware 
(zeroconf dbus vt100-led emacs flow-ctrl battery) internal (emacs warnings 
syntax smie disass select novice loadhist gs delim-col) bookmarks (saveplace 
bookmark) placeholders (saveplace bookmark) annotations (bookmark) tools 
(which-func make-mode hideshow gud glasses gdb-mi flymake etags ebrowse 
bug-reference asm-mode semantic trace re-builder package emacs ert elp eieio 
edebug debug copyright check-declare reporter mail-utils vc smerge-mode 
log-view emerge ediff diff cvs-status add-log time-stamp tempo speedbar 
skeleton sb-image pcomplete imenu format-spec find-file ezimage elide-head 
dframe calculator) i18n (welsh uni-input sgml-input rfc1345 latin-post 
latin-ltx croatian emacs gnus po double descr-text) data (snmp-mode gnus 
timeclock bindat url remember page-ext org xml whitespace jka-compr emacs hexl 
hex-util cdl) faces (gnus m4-mode ld-script cwarn erc enriched emacs paren 
hl-line hilit-chg hi-lock face-remap descr-text color) color (color) hex 
(color) rgb (htmlfontify color) hsv (color) hsl (color) cie-lab (color) 
background (color) mule (latin-pre hanja3 arabic emacs ps-print) multilingual 
(vnvni vntelex viqr symbol-ksc sisheng pypunct-b5 py-punct persian lrt 
latin-pre latin-post latin-ltx latin-alt ipa ipa-praat hanja3 hanja hanja-jis 
hangul cyril-jis emacs descr-text) character\ composition (emacs) expand 
(dabbrev) completion (crm dabbrev) unicode (emacs descr-text) file (dns-mode 
speedbar sb-image ezimage dframe) tags (ebrowse semantic speedbar sb-image 
ezimage dframe) dired (wdired emacs) window (emacs windmove follow) drag 
(emacs) drop (emacs) pdf (doc-view) ps (doc-view) dvi (doc-view) font (ps-print 
emacs) system-font (emacs) tool-bar-style (emacs) unix (telnet rlogin sh-script 
make-mode gud gdb-mi executable cc-mode ispell emerge ediff diff woman tar-mode 
sort proced emacs lpr locate find-lisp find-dired) mail (mairix imap goto-addr 
gnus time-date unrmail undigest uce supercite smtpmail sendmail rmail rfc822 
rfc2368 reporter mspools metamail mail-utils mailclient mailalias mailabbrev 
hashcash footnote feedmail emacs mh-e fortune epa) message (gnus feedmail epa) 
face\ remapping (face-remap) display (hi-lock follow face-remap) user\ commands 
(face-remap) hypermedia (soap-client quickurl browse-url url sgml-mode css-mode 
org emacs htmlfontify ffap) matching (regi re-builder thingatpt soundex 
misearch emacs hi-lock find-file ffap) filesets (filesets) c (hideshow hideif 
flymake cwarn cmacexp cc-mode cc-guess emacs find-file) folding (foldout) 
minor-mode (hi-lock follow) frames (winner emacs talk hl-line) generic (emacs) 
comment (emacs) font-lock (emacs) colour (htmlfontify) html (shr shr-color eww 
gnus htmlfontify) markup (htmlfontify) etags (htmlfontify) buffer (msb ibuffer) 
multimedia (gnus metamail thumbs mpc emacs image-file image-dired iimage) docs 
(lisp-mnt checkdoc texnfo-upd texinfo texinfmt makeinfo info-xref) keyboard 
(persian keypad cua-base kmacro) md4 (md4) utilities (midnight) menu (erc msb) 
uncomment (emacs) desktop (notifications) notifications (notifications) 
password (secrets password-cache) cache (password-cache) passphrase (secrets 
password-cache) key (password-cache) print (handwrite ps-print printing) 
postscript (gnus ps-mode ebnf2ps handwrite ps-print printing) bdf (ps-print) 
multibyte (ps-print) vi (repeat) repeat (repeat) minibuffer (crm savehist 
emacs) scroll (scroll-all) crisp (crisp scroll-all) brief (crisp scroll-all) 
lock (scroll-all) spreadsheet (testcover ses) dijkstra (ses) gpm (t-mouse) 
linux (t-mouse) news (newsticker netrc gnus time-date uudecode supercite 
metamail mail-utils footnote binhex timezone) timers (type-break) virtual\ 
cursor (vcursor) environment (wdired) renaming (wdired) movement (windmove) xml 
(nxml xml) literate\ programming (org) reproducible\ research (org) r (org) 
statistics (org) comint (org) fortran (fortran f90 org) js (org) accounting 
(org) babel\ language (org) maxima (org) scheme (ede org) interactive\ shell 
(org) shen (org) calendar (gnus todo-mode timeclock calendar icalendar 
diary-lib org) org (gnus org) task (org) capture (org) org-mode (org) erc (org) 
irc (erc org) link (org) tables (org) plotting (org) emacsclient (org) tex 
(meta-mode emacs tildify texnfo-upd texinfo texinfmt tex-mode reftex refbib 
bibtex bibtex-style org) markdown (org) vc (ede url vc smerge-mode pcvs 
log-view log-edit emerge ediff diff diff-mode cvs-status compare-w add-log) 
pcl-cvs (pcvs log-edit cvs-status) cvs (smerge-mode pcvs log-edit cvs-status) 
status (cvs-status) tree (avl-tree cvs-status) patch (diff-mode) diff 
(diff-mode) comparing (ediff) merging (ediff) patching (ediff) commit 
(log-edit) log (log-edit) release\ management (pcvs) revision\ control 
(smerge-mode) merge (smerge-mode) diff3 (smerge-mode) conflict (smerge-mode) 
url (url erc vc) bib (refer refbib bib-mode) bibtex (bibtex) latex (emacs 
bibtex) conf (conf-mode) ini (conf-mode) windows (conf-mode) java (hideshow 
conf-mode) dns (dig dns-mode) master (dns-mode) zone (dns-mode) soa (dns-mode) 
memory (remember) todo (todo-mode remember) pim (remember) maint (gulp edebug 
debug copyright checkdoc check-declare emacs reporter texnfo-upd texinfo 
texinfmt) text (tildify) sgml (tildify) games (zone tetris studly spook 
solitaire snake pong mpuz morse life landmark hanoi gomoku gametree gamegrid 
fortune dunnet doctor dissociate decipher cookie1 bubbles blackbox animate 5x5) 
puzzles (5x5) utils (fortune) cursive\ writing (handwrite) gomoku (landmark) 
neural\ network (landmark) adaptive\ search (landmark) chemotaxis (landmark) 
cua (cua-base) mark (cua-base) chat (erc) client (erc) internet (erc) button 
(erc) regexp (nxml erc) logging (erc) timestamp (erc) spam (gnus rmail mh-e) 
relaxng (nxml) ccl (emacs) character\ set (emacs) coding-system (emacs) 
multibyte\ character (emacs) syntax (emacs semantic mode-local) category 
(emacs) fontset (emacs) isearch (emacs) iso (emacs) latin (viqr latin-pre 
latin-post latin-alt emacs) japanese (ja-dic emacs) kinsoku (emacs) coding\ 
system (emacs) charset (emacs) diagnosis (emacs) input\ method (vnvni vntelex 
viqr symbol-ksc sisheng pypunct-b5 py-punct persian lrt latin-pre latin-post 
latin-alt ipa ipa-praat hanja3 hanja hanja-jis hangul cyril-jis arabic emacs) 
quail (hanja3 emacs) tit (emacs) cxterm (emacs) normalization (emacs) binhex 
(gnus binhex) email (rmail feedmail) queue (feedmail) sendmail (feedmail) spray 
(feedmail) smtp (feedmail) draft (feedmail) hashcash (gnus hashcash) history 
(mail-utils) mime (gnus metamail) filter (rmail) rmail (rmail) uce (uce) 
unsolicited\ commercial\ email (uce) uudecode (gnus uudecode) data\ structures 
(avl-tree) avl (avl-tree) oo (inversion cedet eieio eieio-core chart) chart 
(chart) graph (chart) multiple\ elements (crm) debugging (elp) emacs-lisp 
(find-func) functions (find-func) variables (find-func) compiler (macroexp) 
macros (macroexp) strings (rx regexp-opt) regexps (rx regexp-opt) parsing 
(smie) indentation (smie) utility (unsafep testcover) safety (unsafep 
testcover) project (semantic ede) make (semantic ede) codegeneration (srecode) 
holidays (calendar) util (time-date parse-time) ada (ada-mode) project\ file 
(ada-mode) xref (ada-mode) antlr (antlr-mode) code\ generator (antlr-mode) awk 
(cc-mode) cc-mode (cc-mode) oop (cc-guess) perl (cperl-mode) dcl (dcl-mode) 
ebnf (ebnf2ps) c++ (hideshow ebrowse) f90 (f90) comments (hideshow) blocks 
(hideshow) hiding (hideshow) javascript (js) g++ (mantemp) templates (mantemp) 
metafont (meta-mode) metapost (meta-mode) knuth (mixal-mode) mix (mixal-mode) 
mixal (mixal-mode) asm (mixal-mode) mixvm (mixal-mode) the\ art\ of\ computer\ 
programming (mixal-mode) prolog (prolog) major (prolog) mode (prolog) sicstus 
(prolog) swi (prolog) mercury (prolog) ruby (ruby-mode) tcl (tcl) modes (tcl) 
vera (vera-mode) vhdl (vhdl-mode) mode-line (which-func) imenu (which-func) 
cancel-lock (gnus) hmac (hmac-md5 hmac-def gnus) sha1 (gnus) rfc2104 (hmac-md5 
hmac-def gnus) web (gnus) icalendar (gnus) xpm (gnus) annotation (gnus) glyph 
(gnus) registry (gnus) synchronization (gnus) nntp (gnus) nnrss (gnus) network 
(network-stream net-utils dns gnus) external-body (gnus) partial (gnus) shar 
(gnus) forward (gnus) gnatsweb (gnus) gnus (gnus) s/mime (gnus) mml (gnus) 
searching (mairix gnus) ir (gnus) rss (newsticker gnus) hz (gnus) hz+ (gnus) 
smime (gnus) x\.509 (gnus) pem (gnus) openssl (gnus) gmane (gnus) report (gnus) 
bogofilter (gnus) bbdb (gnus) dspam (gnus) dig (dig gnus) whitelist (gnus) 
blacklist (gnus) spamassassin (gnus) bsfilter (gnus) ifile (gnus) stat (gnus) 
crm114 (gnus) spamoracle (gnus) tls (tls gnutls gnus) ssl (tls gnutls gnus) 
gnutls (tls gnus) yenc (gnus) burma (emacs) cham (emacs) chinese (sisheng 
pypunct-b5 py-punct emacs) cyrillic (cyril-jis emacs) czech (emacs) ethiopic 
(emacs) european (emacs) greek (latin-ltx emacs) korean (symbol-ksc hanja3 
hanja hanja-jis hangul emacs) hanja (hanja3 hanja emacs) hebrew (emacs) indian 
(emacs) devanagari (emacs) khmer (emacs) lao (lrt emacs) romanian (emacs) 
sinhala (emacs) slovak (emacs) tai\ viet (emacs) thai (emacs) word\ break 
(emacs) emacs (emacs) tibetan (emacs) vietnamese (vnvni vntelex emacs) arabic 
(arabic) hangul (symbol-ksc hanja-jis hangul) ipa (ipa ipa-praat) input 
(latin-ltx) lrt\. (lrt) farsi (persian) persian (persian) pinyin (sisheng) 
sisheng (sisheng) hypertext (browse-url) bind (dig) encryption (gnutls) mh-e 
(goto-addr) www (webjump goto-addr) hmac-md5 (hmac-md5) md5 (hmac-md5) 
keyed-md5 (hmac-md5) cram-md5 (sasl hmac-md5) atom (newsticker) ntlm (sasl 
ntlm) sasl (sasl ntlm) digest-md5 (sasl) soap (soap-client) web-services 
(soap-client) firewalls (socks))))
        458:;; no-byte-compile: t

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