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bug#17046: 24.3.50; On startup emacs frame has no minibuffer or windows

From: Robert Marshall
Subject: bug#17046: 24.3.50; On startup emacs frame has no minibuffer or windows decorations
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2014 16:07:41 +0000

[those who have already seen this re-sending of an email from Friday
may ignore it! - I'm re-sending because it got blocked from the bug-gnu-emacs
list because of the excessively large attachment]

martin rudalics writes:
 > Once more (I'm confused): What I wanted you to try is to get that bad
 > frame (the one without title decoration and without minibuffer) back on
 > screen.  Let's call this the "bad base state".  Now please in that state
 > do:
 > (1) Apply your window manager's key shortcut to maximize it and then the
 >      shortcut to restore its normal size.  Do title bar or minibuffer
 >      come back?

No both in the 'maximized' state and on restored the window is exactly
the same (though in a different position relative to the rest of the
screen). The one difference is that the emacs frame which was
originally showing two windows now only shows one window. I'm
including a screenshot of the maximised state. Other applications
maximise as expected - as does emacs when the desktop isn't loaded.
(I commented in a previous message that maximise isn't working
properly when the frame is in this state).

The attachment can be viewed here:


Is the maximise state happening but the border is only giving a
partial window and the other buffer is there but the frame cuts off

 > (2) In the bad base state type F11.  Does anything change?  Type F11
 >      again.  Does anything change this time?

Exactly the same behaviour as in case (1)

I exited the bad state emacs but with only one window shown in the
frame and then restarted emacs and the frame was displayed correctly!
I then displayed another buffer in a second window in that frame and
exited again. On a restart the problem was back.
The problem only seems to occur when the frame is trying to show 2

Robert Marshall

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