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bug#17125: Acknowledgement (24.4.50; daemon mode: closing X client frame

From: Peder O. Klingenberg
Subject: bug#17125: Acknowledgement (24.4.50; daemon mode: closing X client frame exits entire emacs)
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2014 23:02:08 +0200

On 1 Apr, 2014, at 18:27, Dmitry Antipov <address@hidden> wrote:

> Peder, please try this instead.
> <bug17125_fixed.patch>

I skipped your earlier patch, and applied this one on top of a clean font.c, 
reverting my own experiments.

It was not an unconditional success, unfortunately.  Nothing segfaults anymore, 
but now I’m not able to attach a graphical emacsclient at all:

$ emacsclient -nc -s test
*ERROR*: Wrong type argument: font, []

Until now I’ve been using emacsclient as built with the clean 24.4.50 sources.  
I tried with a post-patch build of emacsclient as well, no difference.  Neither 
gdb on the server process or gdb on the emacsclient invocation caught a signal.

So I set up a terminal client, set debug-on-error and debug-on-quit and 
debug-on-signal all to t (they were the ones I could remember…)
When I ran “emacsclient -nc -s test” I got the following backtrace (deeper 
frames and irrelevant environment elided):

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (wrong-type-argument font [])
  x-create-frame(((visibility) (height . 75) (width . 85) (display . 
"localhost:11.0") (client . nowait) (environment "...")))
  x-create-frame-with-faces(((height . 75) (width . 85) (display . 
"localhost:11.0") (client . nowait) (environment "..."))
  make-frame(((display . "localhost:11.0") (client . nowait) (environment 
  make-frame-on-display("localhost:11.0" ((client . nowait) (environment "..."))
  server-create-window-system-frame("localhost:11.0" t #<process test <6>> nil 


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