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bug#16434: bug#16694: bugs #16694/#16378: Patches

From: Matthias Dahl
Subject: bug#16434: bug#16694: bugs #16694/#16378: Patches
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2014 20:36:08 +0200
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Hello Barry,

I'm on the run but I wanted to answer you this very day, so please
excuse my brief mail. :(

> Patch 3 undoes something patch 1 introduced, perhaps because you
> intended a subset of the patches for the emacs-24 branch and the rest
> for trunk? Could you clarify that?

Thanks for taking a closer look. :) I usually write small contained
patches which work iteratively together which makes it a lot easier to
track down bugs at a later stage with git bisect or whatever.

So sometimes patch x introduces something that is needed for problem x
which patch x+1 slightly modifies or revises to solve problem x+1. :)

> For my information, could you confirm the effect my patch has on your
> theme problem?

I'm sorry but you lost me there. Could you please elaborate more what it
is you want me to comment on? Sorry... and thanks.

Last but not least: Attached you find a new patch for the problem which
is still the fourth in the series but since the last 3 haven't changed,
those are omitted from this mail but still required.

The patch basically restores the behavior (wrt reverse video) to what
Emacs 24.3 did without undoing any of the other work and fixes. I've
tested everything as far as I could and all your test cases work just
fine on my machine.

I hope this one is a keeper.

Thanks for testing and your patience. Again, sorry for the short mail.

So long,

Dipl.-Inf. (FH) Matthias Dahl | Software Engineer | binary-island.eu
 services: custom software [desktop, mobile, web], server administration

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