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bug#9717: emacs hanging in windows 7

From: Alan Anderson-Priddy
Subject: bug#9717: emacs hanging in windows 7
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2014 15:09:59 -0700

24.3; emacs hangs under windows 7

Went to try this out on a machine at work. 

In Windows 7, Emacs hangs for 4 to 10 seconds every few minutes. Tried emacs and runemacs from the Windows GUI via mouse clicks. 

Then from the cmd tried them again. 
Then tried emacs -Q and runemacs -Q from cmd. 
Tried downloading Cygwin and then emacs from inside Cygwin. 
Haven't had any problems from in Cygwin in the same version, 24.3.1. 

This is a work machine and have only had it for a few days, so I am not entitled to full freedom/control over it and it is possible something is wrong with the machine (well, don't get me started =D ). Happy to try other options. 

Definitely don't have this issue anywhere else (such as Trisquel). Definitely seems to be Windows related. 

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