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bug#17705: [PATCH] lisp/help.el (where-is): don't recreate completing-re

From: Cameron Desautels
Subject: bug#17705: [PATCH] lisp/help.el (where-is): don't recreate completing-read's functionality for defaults
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2014 13:08:02 -0500

`where-is` was looking for empty string return values from
`completing-read` and swapping in a default value in that
case. Updated now to use the default-handling mechanism provided by
`completing-read`, rather than recreating it.

This also provides a bit of extra capability because now the user can
insert the default value into the minibuffer (for modification) via
`next-history-element` (so-called "future history", described in the
elisp manual).

Cameron Desautels <address@hidden>

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