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bug#17755: 24.3; ERC user mode support

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#17755: 24.3; ERC user mode support
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2014 14:32:09 -0400
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>> > + (defsubst erc-channel-user-owner-p (nick)
>> > +   "Return t if NICK is an owner of the current channel."
>> Usually we say "non-nil" rather than "t", unless the callers need to
>> rely on the return value being t rather than some other non-nil value.
> Indeed, the callers do rely on the value being t in this case. rather than
> just non-nil

Hmm?  I see only one call to erc-channel-user-owner-p and the result is
passed to `cond' so any non-nil value will work as well (which is the
way it should be for functions named `<foo>-p').

> + 2014-06-11  Kelvin White  <address@hidden>
> + 
> +     * erc-backend.el: Handle user modes in relevent server responses
> +     * erc.el: Better user mode support.
> +     (erc-channel-user): Add members for new modes.
> +     (erc-channel-member-halfop-p, erc-channel-user-admin-p, 
> erc-channel-user-owner-p): Use new struct members.
> +     (erc-format-nick, address@hidden): Display user modes as nick prefix.
> +     (erc-nick-prefix-face, erc-my-nick-prefix-face): Add new faces to 
> separate colors if desired.
> +     (erc-get-user-mode-prefix): Return symbol for mode prefix.
> +     (erc-update-channel-member, erc-update-current-channel-member, 
> erc-channel-receive-names): Update channel users.
> +     (erc-nick-at-point): Return correct user info.
> + 

Please try a bit harder to stay within 80 columns.  M-q is your friend.

> ! ;; Hacker: address@hidden
> ! ;; Created: 2004-05-07
> ! ;; Hacked: 2014-06-08

If you want to add your name, add it to the "Author:" part (one per
line, see in erc.el for an example).  And don't add entries like
timestamps of when it was last changed.  This just causes spurious
conflicts when merging branches.  This info is readily available via
"bzr log".  I tolerate things like "Created" (tho find it a waste of
perfectly good bits and screen real estate) because, by nature these
should never change and hence don't cause such spurious conflicts.

> ! ;;; hacked
>   (define-erc-response-handler (JOIN)
> !   "HACKED: Handle join messages."

What does this "hacked" mean here?  Looks like left-over annotations you
used temporarily to keep track of what you changed.

Anyway, the patch looks OK to me.  As soon as your copyright paperwork
comes through I can give you write access and you can install it.


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