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bug#17832: 24.4.50; `apropos-library' behavior for a top-level library f

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#17832: 24.4.50; `apropos-library' behavior for a top-level library file
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2014 09:00:33 -0400
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> Rather than just saying that the command is misnamed, or the name is
> misleading, the first part of this bug report is to request that the
> command live up to its name: give you a report of the functions and
> variables defined in the _whole library_, recursively including those
> of its required component libraries.

Many libraries will then appear to define all the CL macros&functions.

To do a better job, we'd need to distinguish the case where it
"requires" some other library for internal use compared to the case
where it requires a file which is conceptually part of the same library
(just split over several files).

The most common case, AFAICT, is the first, so I think in doubt it's
better to assume "requires" aren't really part of the library.

> As a first and partial bug fix then, I propose that `apropos-library'
> always print TEXT (which it does when there are defined symbols in the
> file).

Sounds good.


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