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bug#17952: Compatability for eieio between 24.4 and 24.3

From: Matthew Fidler
Subject: bug#17952: Compatability for eieio between 24.4 and 24.3
Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2014 07:24:43 -0500

Thanks David

I don't believe object-set-name-string was marked as a depreciated function. I may have not been running against the trunk, but I believe my compile failed instead of issued a warning.

I think the authors intent is that people access the object name with eieio-named so using this function directly was not supported.

I have changed my code to solely use eieio-named, so compile warnings on either 24.3 or 24.4 are not issued.


On Jul 6, 2014 3:49 AM, "David Engster" <address@hidden> wrote:
Matthew Fidler writes:
> The object-set-name-string function of eieio has changed to
> eieio-object-set-name-string, at one point my code (ergoemacs-mode) depended on
> that function, so I had to use a macro to pick the right version for different
> versions of emacs. 

The usual way for renaming a function in Emacs is to mark it as
deprecated and make it an alias for the new name, and after a few more
Emacs releases remove it altogether. So if you want to stay compatible
with older Emacsen, simply continue to use `object-set-name-string' for
the time being. You will get a warning on byte-compilation, but just
ignore it (or turn off the deprecation warning if it bothers you too


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