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bug#18001: default behavior changes

From: Joel F Rodriguez
Subject: bug#18001: default behavior changes
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2014 14:28:36 -0700

Hi Eli,

If you are asking did I find or read endless docs dealing with the proper
etiquette for submitting a bug report to emacs? Then you are correct, I did

The problem seems far too simple as to require extensive explanations and
details un-related to solving the problem. I mean, how many versions of
emacs are current under Freebsd-9.2-release? Exactly one.

No, I got far too much static relative to semantics and no answers. The
answer was so simple, I forgot it. I guess I confused the issue when I asked
what changed.

After 40 years in this field I can assure you it is much more important to
come up with a simple answer, then to go off on a rage on bug reporters not
being familiar with your specific jargon. I mean who still talks about
text-terminals in the real world? This is indicative of the emacs docs on
the whole, its primary keys are technical specific terms which makes it
nearly impossible to format a query to google unless you have had your head
buried in the source codes for months.

Again, sorry for the ruckus, but I do like the old saying, "if it ain't
broke, break it".


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Subject: bug#18001: default behavior changes

Eli Zaretskii wrote:

> consistently omitting the bug address from the CC list and writing

When people do this to me, then unless they have written something clearly
intended to be private, I just assume it was a mistake and resend it to the
bug address. Some people don't seem to get that "reply-to-all" is the way to
go with bug reports.

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