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bug#17437: 24.3; ispell uses typographically correct apostrophe

From: Tobias Getzner
Subject: bug#17437: 24.3; ispell uses typographically correct apostrophe
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2014 11:42:21 +0200

> More details are needed here, e.g., what language is the reporter using?

I suppose you are referring to the selected ispell dictionary? I am not
explicitly setting the ispell dictionary, so (I presume) ispell.el will
not pass a dictionary to hunspell, which will accordingly use the
default one for my locale, i. e., en_US. While some dictionaries have
issues with U+2019 (and in fact most still are encoded in latin-1 :-/),
I have added this character to WORDCHARS in my hunspell en_US
dictionary; hunspell now correctly recognize words using this character
when invoking hunspell in a terminal. Sadly, it seems ispell.el sadly
still won’t handle these, however.

The problem seems to be that ispell.el still thinks that U+2019 is a
word boundary and doesn’t pass the whole word on to the spell checker.
Is this likely? Looking at ispell.el, it looks like it is doing word
boundary parsing on its own‽ If so, U+2019 should be treated as a
word-character when it appears in the context of two alphabetical
characters (at least for most western languages).

Best regards,

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