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bug#18120: cua-rect.el issue on help

From: Pierre-Yves
Subject: bug#18120: cua-rect.el issue on help
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2014 23:54:32 +0200

cua-rectangle feature does offer to type ? for help. It will display several 
available key sequence. Since modifier is not known, a function computes the 
string from the prefix variable.
It is basically a switch, which works for ‘hyper or ‘super or ‘alt or ‘meta , 
but it does not work for ‘control.

This is feasible to use ‘control as the modifier. 
   (setq cua--rectangle-modifier-key ‘control)

This one liner patch fixes the help in such case.
The cua-rect-help.patch is the result of `diff -c` command.
The 0001- prefixed patch is git, but I believe this is not the proper format.

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Attachment: 0001-cua-rect-help-check-for-control-value.patch
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