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bug#18078: 24.4.50; flylisp lacks Package-Requires

From: Barry OReilly
Subject: bug#18078: 24.4.50; flylisp lacks Package-Requires
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2014 12:38:08 -0700

> The Flylisp package in GNU ELPA [1] uses lexical binding and cl-lib,
> but lacks a Package-Requires header with corresponding dependencies
> on `(emacs "24.1")' and `(cl-lib "0.4")'.
> Without these dependencies, the package might accidentally be
> installed on Emacs 23, which does not support lexical binding, and
> it might fail to properly install on Emacs 24.1 and 24.2, which lack
> cl-lib.
> Please add a Package-Requires header with appropriate dependencies.

I have done so, thanks.

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