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bug#18155: 24.3.92; Honor toolBar resource *before* showing frame

From: carlosjosepita
Subject: bug#18155: 24.3.92; Honor toolBar resource *before* showing frame
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2014 19:27:14 -0300

The elisp reference states that:

> Emacs creates the initial frame before it reads your init file. After
> reading that file, Emacs checks initial-frame-alist, and applies the
> parameter settings in the altered value to the already created initial
> frame.

> If these settings affect the frame geometry and appearance, you'll see
> the frame appear with the wrong ones and then change to the specified
> ones. If that bothers you, you can specify the same geometry and
> appearance with X resources; those do take effect before the frame is
> created. See X Resources.

This is true except when the toolbar is visible. In this case, no matter
the value of the toolBar resource, the frame is initially shown without
a toolbar and then the geometry is modified to fit the toolbar. This
produces unpleasant visual artifacts during emacs startup.

I'm afraid that fixing this will require to add a resource to set the
toolbar position, too. I don't know how viable this is. In case it's not
desirable to implement this feature I think some remark has to be added
to the aforementioned documentation excerpt. Otherwise this is indeed a
bug, as the behavior contradicts what's documented.


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