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bug#18176: 24.4.50; Errors on dates far in the future in url.el

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: bug#18176: 24.4.50; Errors on dates far in the future in url.el
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 2014 08:50:35 -0700
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That "4038" started out as a "2038" (the year 32-bit signed time_t's will roll around) and then someone added 2000 seemingly at random. We might as well bump it to most-positive-fixnum.

However, this won't work on hosts with 32-bit time_t, because the low-level primitives can't go past 2038. (Even on 64-bit hosts it won't work for time stamps in the very far future.) So url-cookie-expired-p needs to take greater care here.

Fixing this uncovered a couple of other problems. First, date-to-time shouldn't fall back on timezone-make-date-arpa-standard if encode-time says the date is out of range. Second, the low-level primitives don't consistently call time_overflow when there's a time overflow.

This particular use case suggests that url-cookie-expired-p should treat out-of-range expiration dates as being infinite.

I installed a patch to do all the above, as trunk bzr 117637. I suppose we could get fancier by distinguishing negative from positive time overflow, and/or by creating error symbols for time overflow flavors, but this patch should be enough to fix the current bug.

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