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bug#18207: erc-truncate-buffer-on-save: misleading variable name and doc

From: Ivan Shmakov
Subject: bug#18207: erc-truncate-buffer-on-save: misleading variable name and docstring
Date: Wed, 06 Aug 2014 10:35:57 +0000
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Package:  emacs
Severity: minor

        The docstring for erc-truncate-buffer-on-save reads:

Truncate any ERC (channel, query, server) buffer when it is saved.

        This is somewhat misleading, as there’re also erc-truncate
        module, and, in particular, – the erc-truncate-buffer function,
        which are used to truncate buffer /to a given size/ (see
        erc-max-buffer-size.)  On the contrary, this variable, when
        non-nil, forces the buffer to be /completely erased,/ as per the
        following lisp/erc/erc-log.el fragment:

   434                (if (and erc-truncate-buffer-on-save
   435                         (called-interactively-p 'interactive))
   436                    (progn
   437                      (let ((inhibit-read-only t)) (erase-buffer))
   438                      (move-marker erc-last-saved-position (point-max))
   439                      (erc-display-prompt))

        I believe that this behavior should be made clear in the
        documentation, like:

Erase ERC (channel, query, server) buffers when one is saved.

This function uses `erase-buffer' and has nothing to do with the
`erc-truncate-buffer' function.  In order to keep ERC buffer sizes
within a specific limit, you may set `erc-max-buffer-size' and use
`erc-truncate-mode' instead.

        It also makes sense to rename this variable (leaving a
        compatibility alias.)

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