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bug#18116: 24.3.92; url-http calls CALLBACK recursively with malformed C

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#18116: 24.3.92; url-http calls CALLBACK recursively with malformed CBARGS if the former calls `delete-process'
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2014 13:22:11 -0400
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>> The problem is that calling `delete-process' may run the sentinel (and
>> since this is code run from the sentinel, it may end up calling the
>> sentinel recursively).
> I can observe a definite change in behavior, which I cannot reason about

I think there is indeed a change of behavior in that the sentinel used
to be nil'd while running it.
[ This was changed because it prevented the sentinel from modifying itself.  ]

> Indeed. Looks like my misunderstanding stemmed from Tern not handling this
> value exactly right: it expected STATUS to have a certain length in case of
> an error, and when called recursively, the callback received STATUS of
> different length, prepended with new history.

Right, it should use (cons nil <cbdata>) instead of (list <cbdata>),
since the `car' is used to carry the "historical events" of the request.

> I guess there's no bug there, then. Sorry.

Maybe not code-wise, but docstring-wise I think there's at least "room
for improvement".

> Guess so. And both `url-http' and `url-retrieve-internal' are pretty
> confusing when it comes to describing the arguments that will be passed
> To me, "When retrieval is completed, execute the function CALLBACK, using
> the arguments listed in CBARGS." means that it will be called exactly with
> the value of CBARGS passed to `url-http', whereas instead the list gets
> prepended with stuff before it's passed to CALLBACK.

Can you improve those docstrings, to avoid such confusion in the future?


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