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bug#18573: 24.3.93; set-face-attribute crashes Emacs when started with -

From: address@hidden
Subject: bug#18573: 24.3.93; set-face-attribute crashes Emacs when started with -nw
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2014 14:24:21 +0200

On 28/09/2014 10:44, Jan Djärv wrote:

27 sep 2014 kl. 18:13 skrev address@hidden:

When launched via terminal (cli), Emacs crashes by just having this single line 
in init.el:

(set-face-attribute 'default nil :font  "Menlo-16")

Emacs does /not/ crash when launched from the Finder (same init.el)

This seems to be a generic error in xfaces.c.  It tries to load a font without 
checking the type
of frame.  The type is tty, but it tries to load a font anyway, and eventually 
ends up in (font.c) font_pixel_size, which does:

#define FRAME_RES_Y(f)                                          \
   (eassert (FRAME_WINDOW_P (f)), FRAME_DISPLAY_INFO (f)->resy)

Now, FRAME_DISPLAY_INFO for a NS compiled Emacs is

#define FRAME_DISPLAY_INFO(f) ((f)->output_data.ns->display_info)

but the frame is not an NS frame, it is a tty frame, so bad things happen.
It is the same for X, but there it just happens to return a nonsense value, so 
the code continues without crashing, and eventually discovers that there are no 
font dirvers and the load font fails.

The code is in xfaces.c, Finternal_set_lisp_face_attribute, around line 3120 
where it calls

The code in question is not called if compiled for a tty (#ifdef:ed out), but 
it is called when the frame is a tty frame on a non-tty compiled Emacs.

I think these cases should be the same, i.e. font_load_for_lface not called for 
tty frames.

        Jan D.


Thank you, that sounds like the reason, although I am not fluent with C nor gdb to check and confirm it.

I can add that Emacs just crashes printing this error:

Fatal error 11: Segmentation fault[1] 51512 abort /Applications/Emacs.app/Contents/MacOS/Emacs -nw

Also, if that line is wrapped with condition-case err, like this:

(condition-case err (set-face-attribute 'default nil :font "Menlo-16") (error (message "Whoops!")))

I experience the same crash with same error message. No additional elisp-originating messages.

I have tried with GNU Emacs 24.3.1 (x86_64-apple-darwin, NS apple-appkit-1038.36) of 2013-03-13 on bob.porkrind.org, from emacsformacosx.com, and Emacs does not crash. So, it must be a bug in later versions.

I am of course aware that in any case Emacs will inherit whatever font and font size is specified in the terminal app (basically, that line is not meaningful in the cli).


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