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bug#19256: 24.3; Bad interaction between calendar.el and pop-up-frames

From: David Shepherd
Subject: bug#19256: 24.3; Bad interaction between calendar.el and pop-up-frames
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2014 10:35:20 +0000

Glenn Morris wrote:

> Sorry, I don't understand what the bug is supposed to be?
> You asked for new frames to be popped up, and you got one.

Sorry I should have been more specific. Calender.el implements it's own window/frame control scheme depending on the value of calendar-setup. The default setting is nil, which specifies that the calendar should open in a new window within the same frame. However, when pop-up-frames is non-nil a copy of the current frame is created and the calendar is opened in a window within that frame.

That's probably not very clear so I'll give an example. Lets say I have one frame open containing a single window displaying buffer A. I do M-x calendar. I now have two frames open. The frame that was open initially is still there and unchanged. The second frame contains two windows: one displaying buffer A and the other displaying the calendar.

If that's still not very clear (sorry it's quite difficult to explain) then it might be easier to just try it and see watch what happens.

I should also point out that it is possible to set calendar-setup to display the calendar in a separate frame. This works as expected when combined with a non-nil pop-up-frames setting. However the calendar function is used by org-mode to enter time stamps, and in this context there is a let block setting calendar-setup to nil. So it is impossible to avoid using this combination of settings when using org-mode.

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