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bug#19355: 25.0.50; limit the popup window height

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#19355: 25.0.50; limit the popup window height
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2014 10:03:40 +0100

>> ,(when temp-buffer-resize-mode
>>     '(window-height . resize-temp-buffer-window))
>> and test whether it restores the old behavior (with
>> `temp-buffer-resize-mode' en- and disabled)?
> No.

Interesting.  Suppose with (my not so up-to-date version of trunk's)
emacs -Q I do

C-h f set- RET

my *scratch* window is split into two equally sized windows and the
lowest line of the lower window ends with set-charset-priority.  If I do

C-h f set-window- RET

I get an empty last line in the lower window with set-window-vscroll on
the line before and with

C-h f set-window-d RET

I get lots of empty lines with set-window-dot as last displayed entry.

Now if with emacs -Q I evaluate

(setq temp-buffer-resize-mode t)

first and do the same steps as above, the first one is identical and in
the other two cases the empty lines get removed and the window shrinks.

Please have another look.

> I think they all use fit-window-to-buffer underneath so it will take up
> as much height as possible.

`resize-temp-buffer-window' limits this to `temp-buffer-max-height'


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